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  • EatSleepJeep


    March 10, 2015, 2:58 pm

    You are wrong considering I used to work at a car audio shop and I would check every deck to see if they could handle CD-R, CD-RW, DAO, MP3, DVD, etc so I would know about their capabilities before I sold them. So, by "never found a car deck that doesn't" I meant Alpine (A-bus, E-bus and M-bus), Pioneer, Pioneer Premier, JVC, Kenwood, Eclipse, Sony, Sony ES and Rockford Fosgate headunit and changer produced from 2000 to 2007. I never found a factory deck in any car we installed that wouldn't play a DAO discs either, but in all fairness I didn't check every high school girls' civic that came through the install bay.

    I also have a stack of audience recorded live shows burned by various tapers throught the country that are all DAO and all of those play fine.


  • pmorrisonfl


    March 10, 2015, 8:28 pm

    It's indeed true that the primary source for this belief is the Bible, and I do realize the limited extra-Biblical support [Josephus, et al, if that's what your meaning]. It's a worthy question to ask how good a resource the Bible or any other text is as a source for 'truth'. I have a guess how each of us would respond, but what would be sufficient evidence for either of us to change our minds? I am literally staking my life, both now and later, on the right answer to the question, so I hope I remain open to arguments and evidence both in support and in opposition to the idea that the Bible is the truth.


  • withnailandI


    March 10, 2015, 11:37 am

    How many people don't 'own up' to the actions that put them in there? My experience of prison is limited to watching the Shawshank Redemption a few times so I'm curious if the statement made by the protagonist "I'm the only guilty man in prison" has any truth to it.

    I've also seen a few documentaries on prison and I've seen some people that blame everybody but themselves for their crimes. How prevalent is that? And can you tell when prisoners are trying to "game" you so they can get good recommendations?


  • Dreadgoat


    March 11, 2015, 4:47 am

    I'll often find a comment that no one else has responded to, and I will think to myself, "I have something valuable to add to this discussion! Time to hit reply!"

    And then I notice the time. 2 days ago. Well, shit. Why even bother? It'll make me look WEIRD, and most people won't see it anyway. I'll just walk away, feeling slightly morose.

    And then I get an orangered envelope, click on it, and see that someone has responded to my 5 day old comment. I don't reply back, most of the time. But I whisper to myself and nod. I say, "You are a bigger man than me. You don't care about looking odd, you just do what feels right. Rock on, dude. Rock on."

    I aspire to be like these people. They are my heroes.


  • aenea


    March 10, 2015, 6:24 pm

    >I don't know anyone else who will go out for a fun night on the weekend and end up crying all alone while drunk.

    You'd be surprised...I think that it was pretty much par for the course in my University days with many people that I knew. Alcohol is a depressant as well as lowering inhibitions, so it's that not unusual.

    That said, I agree with bleepitybleep, as well as adding that some people are more susceptible to alcohol than others (especially when depressed). It's also pretty easy to use alcohol to self-medicate if you're depressed, and binge drinking can be just as dangerous as full-fledged alcoholism.

    The crying is perfectly normal for drunk people though. I hope that you're starting to feel better now!


  • cooljoebob64


    March 10, 2015, 4:51 pm

    Emulators, hands down.

    Think about Goldeneye; the original had crappy controls because of the super-weird N64 controller. When remapped to 360 controller, you can get walk/strafe on left and put c-buttons on right stick, and it suddenly controls just like any other shooter, but is simultaneously still Goldeneye (or PD or whatever, you get the idea).

    Some games have issues, like LoZ:OoT which used the c-buttons extensively and so it is a bit awkward to use the right stick for those, but it does still function decently.

    tl;dr: 360 controller is significantly better for (most) N64 games than the N64 controller ever was.


  • DemocraticErection


    March 10, 2015, 1:05 pm

    I'm going to hijack this thread a bit. Þú vonandi fyrirgefur mér þetta fimbulfamb.

    As an Icelander I don't really see why Icelanders as a nation should pay the debts of a private company. Regulations were bad, not only here but also in Europe. The Icelandic government got no tax revenue from these Icesave accounts and therefore it's ridiculous that we should pay everything.

    On the other hand I understand the Dutch and the British. Iceland's biggest problem right now is incompetent politicians that seem to drift aimlessly. They say one thing to us and then another to you guys. It's a pickle, but I hope we can get through it without being isolated or forced into being bankrupt.


  • Freak-Power


    March 10, 2015, 8:58 pm

    Gram-negative sepsis perhaps? It can lead to cascading organ failure and can be rapidly fatal (24-48 hours) if not treated in time.

    From my microbiology textbook (Microbiology; 9th Edition, Tortora, Funke & Case)

    "... Septic shock is most likely to be caused by gram-negative bacteria. The cell walls of many gram-negative bacteria contain endotoxins that are released upon lysis of the cell... Less than one-millionth of a milligram of endotoxin is enough to cause gram-negative sepis (endotoxic shock). About 750,000 cases of septic shock occur each year in the US; at least 225,000 are fatal.

    Early symptoms of sepsis are relatively nonspecific and not alarming. Therefore, antibiotic treatments that might arrest it then are frequently not administered. The progression to lethal stages is rapid and generally impossible to treat effectively. **The administration of antibiotics then may even aggravate the condition by causing the lysis of large numbers of bacteria that then release more endotoxins**..."

    Hope that provides a possible hypothesis... :-)


  • behanger


    March 10, 2015, 2:55 pm

    I wouldn't know, planes have yet to crash into my neighors building. I do find it strange that your(?) government has not been detailed enough on building seven. So it's fair to demand more information.

    I did see footage of building 7 being damaged by debris from the plane impact, and it's not more than logical to assume the collapse of the nearby tower did damage it futher.

    I do see the need for futher investigation on three levels: what did the Bush/Cheney admin know, what happened exactly, and how was it dealt with afterwards. But please keep focussed on some of the real queastions. All the noise about steel not being weekend in fire isn'y going to help the case.


  • commasdivide


    March 11, 2015, 5:37 am

    A friend of mine told a guy we went to school with that he looked like something that survived Chernobyl. This individual also went by the name "Big Mayo". Also, a friend of mine has a girlfriend that literally sucks the life from everything, always. She is referred to as "the black hole of fun" or sometimes simply "Dark Cloud". I once heard someone tell a man with unusually small teeth, so small that gaps were left where tooth should be, that he had baby dolphin teeth. Maybe not as good as clever as one man fag parade, but still.


  • Crabmeat


    March 11, 2015, 9:18 am

    Male injections have been in the works for many years, and they're usually androgen based. Since your body's signals for sperm and testosterone production are related, you can trick your body into "thinking" you have enough sperm already by injecting a sufficient amount of testosterone.

    The biggest problems with these drugs are pretty predictable once you think about possible side effects of squirting a heap of testosterone into a man's body... Basically 'roid rage.

    Don't fuck with your hormones indeed.


  • Kazter


    March 11, 2015, 3:35 am

    Counter-Steer in a spin, on wet pavement, apply no brakes. Get off the gas and hammer in the clutch to cut power to the wheels.

    If you start noticing that you are hydroplaning, you did the right thing, just lay off the accelerator. You were probably unlucky in that you hit a "river" and even at 60 had no traction and lost control. You were lucky in that no one was hurt and you can take away from this as an experience.

    This also applies for ice and snow. Brakes should be used very liberally in slick conditions. Engine Breaking and Deceleration only.


  • MrGlennBovineKoldys


    March 10, 2015, 8:45 am

    Either you are Blank thong or you are his jealous lover.

    "innocuous statement" "high school girls"

    The only persons with any standing to make comments like black thong would be those "high school girls" peers.

    As for Black thong, from what he has admitted, he is somewhere in his FIFTYies.

    "innocuous statement" - You MORON. He willingly admitted to his pattern of behavior thinking NOBODY would notice what a sick fuc k he is.

    Obviously, if you are defending the sick fu ck, you don't find anything wrong with that.

    Just like the morons defending the racist Baboon, Billdo and KKKlownnity. Which speaks volumes about them.


  • powercow


    March 10, 2015, 11:47 am

    there are two main typoes of recessions.. inventory.. like the dot come bust.. these happen all the time.

    and credit recessions... these rarely ever ever ever happen and tend to be the worst.

    yes recessions happen all the time.. inventory recessions.

    Inventory recesssions are when big biz get too bullish on something.. like dot com and then dont really have a market to fill how much they threw into it.

    building too many cars.. building too many houses.. all these things cause inventory recessions.

    the obama bobble heads are in a mini inventory recession.

    the next type.. the rare one.. tends to come from over extension of credit(or the lower ability for those folks to pay back credit.)

    they tend to come from asset bubbles housing.

    (there wernt too many houses.. people bought too much house for their stagnant wages)

    but quit pretending these recession happen all the time.. as these recessions are quite rare.

    the inventory recessions tend to cure themselves.. you can effect them some with interest rates, but basically the inventory needs to be brought down to earth.

    credit recessions NEED intervention or they turn into depressions.

    they are a self force feedback mechanism.. making things worse and worse..


  • jimbomac


    March 10, 2015, 8:30 pm

    This condition is called septicemia. It is an infection of the blood that results from an uncontrolled progression of any infection. It's not very common for infections to get this bad, and virtually impossible to miss, because it makes you very very ill. If your child gets an infection and antibiotics don't work/the symptoms get worse, go back to your doctor, because that should not happen in any scenario, and means the antibiotics aren't doing the job. A good rule is that if your child has an infection (say, tonsillitis) and starts becoming visibly 'ill'/feverish, you should get hold of a doctor ASAP because it means the infection is starting to overwhelm. Hope this helps. Try not to worry. Septicemia is rare; death from it is even more so. It can come on quickly, but it's not subtle and follows the same pattern every time.


  • SenorCheaposGato


    March 11, 2015, 2:16 am

    I'm with you. It's hard to find "perfect" albums, where every song just gives me the funny feeling in my stomach because it's so fucking good (btw, anyone else have that feeling?), but I can live with a few songs that aren't as good because *it's the fucking album*. I want to hear the songs the way the artist wanted me to hear them--in the right damn order, all the way through.

    If there's just one or two good songs on the album, I really lose respect for the artist. Can they just not come up with at least 45 minutes of decent music? If they can't, then they're not worth much in my mind--great if I hear one of their good songs on the radio, but I'm not going to seek them out.


  • CrawstonWaffle


    March 10, 2015, 11:34 pm

    Yes, yes he did. He's a sensationalist because

    A. Sensational headlines get upvotes/traffic

    B. He has some relational stake in the news spreading, be it through a marketing firm proxy to the BBC or the laboratories

    C. His self esteem is tied to how many people he can get interested in a subject despite lying outright in the headline and propagating misinformation

    D. He wants to "foster discussion" and believes sensationalism attracts the most attention

    E. All of the above.

    The answer is E.


  • pythor


    March 10, 2015, 1:27 pm

    That makes more sense to me. The random walk with a forward bias makes sense, too. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to come up with a reasonable way to compute plate movement without having to model the full physics, and failed. I'm just too stuck on the actual physics to come up with a decent shortcut. Your random walk idea sounds like a good start.

    Are your veroni points randomly scattered? I wonder if you could get a better working set with a biased placement of the points...

    Any chance you're willing to share code?


  • hackinthebochs


    March 10, 2015, 4:22 pm

    >I've demonstrated that given the speed and conventions of the software industry that the existing patent system does not foster creativity.

    You're right, it doesn't foster the type of creativity you've described, endless iterations and polishings of existing ideas. Perhaps if we had patents people would have to think bigger; instead of having yet another application to share files we'd have people working on something more novel.

    If someone was able to patent the spreadsheet, we'd still have a spreadsheet application. It probably wouldn't be as nice and polished as current iterations are, but it would still get the job done just the same.

    >what if xerox had patented "applications are presented in a 2 dimensional box which can be moved around the screen by means of a cursor"

    Maybe they wouldn't have had their idea stolen by Bill Gates? Seems like what happened with xerox is exactly why we need some kind of *good* patent system for software.


  • ajehals


    March 10, 2015, 1:09 pm

    >and then they sent us home.

    That's pretty shocking, each time I have been into hospital with any of my kids for anything that was even mildly serious (so a high fever, dehydration and the requirement for an IV) they have been in for at least a day if not two or three, in fact the hospital seems reluctant to let them go until they know what is going on.

    >He contracted c-dif during the hospital stay

    Yeah that sucks, I took my eldest in with suspected meningitis (it wasn't but it scared the shit out of me) and he ended up getting a dose of rotavirus whilst in, making the hospital stay that much more unpleasant and increasing his time on an IV too.


  • mattrussell


    March 10, 2015, 7:21 am

    > If you want to talk about the commonly understood meaning of "records", than Haskell's "records" surely are nowhere near it.

    I gave you a definition straight from a textbook, criteria which Haskell's records easily satisfy. It would seem to serve no purpose to try and persuade you further.

    > Don't act like you don't get what people mean when they wish for a real record system.

    Don't deceive yourself into thinking you are clearly or compellingly communicating when you say Haskell lacks records.


  • panickedthumb


    March 11, 2015, 2:30 am

    I just don't get this post at all. I'm not opposed to putting my ipod on shuffle, or making playlists for specific purposes, but if I'm driving or just listening to music, it's almost always the full album, sometimes the whole catalog if there are only 2 or 3 albums. If there's a song so bad that I want to skip it, it sours my opinion of the whole album.

    Granted, pop these days is all about the singles and it seems that fewer people care about the cohesion of an album, or even if any songs besides the planned singles are good or not. It's like they're just filler. Maybe it's just the kind of music I listen to, who knows.

    I'm just surprised that people are only listing a few albums. It's sad. Maybe the under-22 or -23 crowd is now "the singles generation" because of itunes and downloading music. And before LP's it was all about the singles as well, perhaps we've just come back around to where we've started. But I think the only way to really appreciate what an artist has done is to listen to the whole album as presented. It's one reason I hate bonus tracks on certain editions of the album.


  • delkarnu


    March 11, 2015, 8:40 am

    yeah, there was a similar rant against publishers by a guy who wrote a management book, and every single issue he had with publishers was unique to his genre.

    If the author had written this as solely about self publishing *in regards to short story collections* I wouldn't have had nearly the issues I took from the article. I don't think *any* writer could get a short story collection published in this day and age without a significant online following (in which case they will probably make more self publishing) or prior well sold published works so a publisher knows the audience exists.


  • benjorino


    March 10, 2015, 7:31 pm

    Assessing relative sizes of leaps of faith is absolutely a matter of personal evaluation, I agree.

    I don't believe that a complex working ecosystem sprung up randomly. I believe that the process was guided by evolution. This is vastly distinct - evolution is NOT a random process...

    > when we see information-rich content we think intelligence and creator

    Not necessarily, and I think that the reason people may think this is because they have grown up on a planet that has intelligent beings on it... we already know for certain that intelligent beings exist on our planet.

    > How did cells came a point where they started replicating? Even if one cell started replicating, does that make sense to conclude that an eye could be formed from such a process?

    I'm not a biochemist, and I don't have an answer to the first part. I think it is not hard to imagine an eye being formed by this process, and you can look to nature to see examples of intermediate eyes, from photosensitive pits in the skin to something as complex as our own. I don't think this is hard to imagine at all.

    Please explain:

    > Information theory strongly suggest to me that there is way too much information-rich content in DNA than can be accounted for by randomness.


  • Clanc


    March 10, 2015, 10:19 am

    When they privatized the Water in th 80's the price quadrupled, and they just let them do what they wanted for a few years, and they really did fuck up. At one stage in London, the taps were poisonous. The government soon kicked them back into line, but the 'theology of private=good public=bad still remains to this day. They are private monopolies and can do what they like.

    If they were in the public sector, of course, everyone, *especially* the extreme right would make sure that these communal facilities were free.


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